2nd Contest "My Thesis in Three Minutes" (3MT - Cuba 2023)

Within the framework of the 5th International Scientific Convention UCIENCIA, the 2nd Contest "My Thesis in Three Minutes" (3MT - Cuba 2023) is announced. 3MT is the name of the competition where doctoral students have three minutes to present their research, objectives, hypothesis, or eventual results, before an audience not necessarily specialized in the subject.

The short time available challenges doctoral students to prepare clear and effective speeches that synthesize and convey the importance and impact of their research and are understandable to both an academic jury and a non-specialist audience. Good speech construction and oral presentation are essential in the competition, where staging must be kept to a minimum.

3MT-Cuba 2023 will also be a space for the training of doctoral students. Resources and training activities will be offered that will enable the development of communication skills that will help to reach other researchers and the general public with confidence and naturalness.



  • May-June 2023: Science communication workshops
  • June 30, 2023: Deadline for the reception of the videos (PHASE 1)
  • July 15, 2023: Notification of participants in PHASE 2
  • September 27 to 29, 2023: 3MT-Cuba 2023 Contest Grand Final


Organizing Committee

Coordinator: Ph. D. Yamilis Fernández Pérez, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba. 


  • Ph. D. Yeleny Zulueta Veliz, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba.
  • M. Sc. Dania Domínguez Álvarez, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba.
  • M. Sc. Beatriz Aragón Fernández, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba.


Participation rules



National and foreign doctoral candidates who, on the date of the deadline for submission of applications, are working on their doctoral thesis in any doctoral program, are eligible to participate. Researchers who have already defended their investigation are not eligible to participate.


Rules of the competition

Participation in the contest implies that the participant authorizes the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI, for its Spanish equivalent), to use the image and/or video that he/she submits, for public dissemination on pages or social networks managed by the UCI, only for educational and non-commercial purposes.

The obligation regarding compliance with any confidentiality requirements of the submitted research lies exclusively with the participant.


Phase 1. Pre-selection

Participants in this phase will send a video recording of no more than three minutes in length, where they will present the aspects they consider of greatest projection or interest in their research, the problem they have identified, the solutions their research proposes and the implications or impact their investigation is expected to have on society. The presentation should be made orally in Spanish or English. The projection of a single fixed slide may be used as a support element, and no other audiovisual element (sound, animation of any kind, accesories, decoration or costumes) may be used.

From among all the participating videos, a pre-selection will be made by a Committee of Experts appointed by the Organizing Committee.

The Committee of Experts reserves the right not to accept as participants those videos that do not comply with any of the rules or are not clearly focused on the objective of the contest and its spirit of scientific dissemination.


  • Video
    The maximum time for the recording of the exhibition will be three minutes, those exceeding that time will not be considered for the contest.
    The background of the video must be clear and uniform.
    The participant should be filmed from the waist up.
    The recording must be horizontal, in only one shot, with no cuts, edits or camera movements.
  • PowerPoint slide
    A single static PowerPoint slide may be used, with no animations or movement.
  • 3MT-Cuba Additional Rule
    Videos will not be a "studio" recording. The doctoral researcher's presentation must stand on its own. No production credits will be included.


Phase 2. Final

The participants selected in Phase 1 must be present on the day of the competition. Non-presential or remote participation will not be admissible. The final stage will consist of an open and public face-to-face session before a jury with representation from different doctoral programs/areas of knowledge. The order of presentation will be determined by drawing lots and the result will be announced at the beginning of the session. Participants will have a strict maximum time limit of three minutes to present their speech, which may be modified from the one initially given. 


  • Only one static slide is allowed, without animations or movement, which will be projected from the beginning of the presentation.
  • The use of additional audiovisual media such as audio or video is not allowed.
  • The use of accesories such as costumes, musical instruments, laboratory equipment is not allowed.
  • Presentations are limited to 3 minutes and those who exceed the established time will be automatically disqualified.
  • Presentations will be spoken (no poems or songs are allowed).
  • A presentation is considered to have started when the presenter begins to speak or move.
  • The jury's decision is final and not subject to appeal.



Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of the rules and conformity with the decisions of the jury.

Those interested in participating should register and submit their proposal through the platform https://easychair.org/cfp/UCIENCIA2023.


Contact Information:

Dr. C. Yamilis Fernández Pérez

Contest Coordinator

concurso3mt@uci.cu     yamilisf@uci.cu