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III International Workshop on University Extension

The construction and collective communication of the university extension process is of vital importance if we consider this key strategy for transformation. Thinking, discussing, doing and evaluating are indispensable elements of university practices. The extension must be thought from this exercise, considering the particularities and complexity of each scenario with a solid social commitment of the universities.
In this context and within the framework of the IV International Scientific Conference UCIENCIA, professionals linked to training, research and development activities, committed to the extension activity are invited to participate in the III International Workshop of University Extension to be held from 5 to October 7, 2021 at the National Hotel, Havana, Cuba.

Promote a space for debate on extension policies in the university environment, favoring critical dialogue, active linkage and articulation between society, university students and the educational institution.
Reflect on the transformative capacity of the University Extension in the processes of higher education and its commitment to social development.
Present models of university integration that foster spaces for interdisciplinarity and the articulation of the substantive teaching-extension-research processes.

University-Society. Challenges of extension versus the 2030 Agenda.
Regional integration and internationalization processes of the university extension.
Socio-community policies and management for sustainable environmental and local development.
Education for health, communication, gender and social inclusion.
Creativity and social innovation. Art, technologies and digital extension territory.
Physical education, sports and physical activity for health.

Organizing Committee
MSc. Ernesto Miguel González García
MSc. Antonio Gutiérrez Laborit
Lic. Carlos Ismel Sobrado Olalde
Ing. Leovan Peña Serrano
Ing. María Del Carmen Capote Rabelo
Ing. Javier Anias Santos
Lic. Severino Hernández Pita

Scientific Comittee
Dr. Armando Pérez Fuentes
Ing. Julio César Espronceda Pérez
MSc. Damaris Cruz Amarán
MSc. Susel García Cedeño
MSc. Brave Tame Leisy
MSc. Madelén Suarez Suarez
MSc. Raúl Scull González
MSc. Aloy Machado Sánchez