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IV International Workshop on the Impact of ICTs on Society.

The growing role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in different spheres of society is a subject of study and reflection for many academics, researchers, agencies, governments and organizations around the world. The analysis of this phenomenon, which takes place within the information and knowledge society worldwide and of which our country is a part, is the main objective of this workshop, sponsored by the University of Informatics Science.

Thematic Lines:
1. Experiences in science, technology and innovation policy and management in universities and their social impact.
2. Renewal of the theoretical-methodological frameworks of STS studies linked to ICTs, adjusted to the Cuban, Latin American, and Third World reality in general.
3. The software project, its leading role in the innovative capacity of the university and its social impact from its development to its introduction into social practice.
4. History of computer science and its social impact in the context under study.
5. The internalization of research in production, university-business links and technological parks linked to ICTs.
6. Impact of educational virtualization on social development.

June 11th Limit for the reception of papers
July 1st Acceptance by the Scientific Committee
August 1st Limit for the reception of rectified papers
October 5th to 7th Development of the event

The template, in both Word and latex, can be downloaded from the event's official website,
Papers should be 10 pages in length, including graphics and illustrations.
The review of the papers will be carried out by the modality of double blind pairs.
Acceptance of papers will be subject to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee for each thematic workshop.
Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
A selection of the best papers presented at the workshop, will be proposed for publication in special issues of different journals:

Instructions for submitting work:
Papers will be submitted through the EasyChair online academic conference management system ( Indicating that the paper is aimed at the IV International Workshop on the Impact of ICTs on Society.

Organizing committee:
General Coordinator:
MSc. Pedro Luis Basulto Ramírez
Vice President:
MSc. Oneida Georgina Benítez Menéndez
Executive Secretariat:
MSc. Yanay Suárez Chang
MSc. Yaniselis Sánchez Hormigó
MSc. Eduardo Luis Hernández Fernández
Dr.C. Roberto López Dosagues
Dr.C. Manuel Villanueva Betancourt
MSc. Pedro Musibay Figueroa
MSc. Mileidy Gracía Rodríguez
MSc. Leonid Rodríguez Basabe
MSc. Marisol de la Caridad Patterson Peña
MSc. Reinaldo Rosado Roselló
Lic. Luis Manuel Hernández Amarales
Scientific Committee.
Dr.C. Rolando Alfredo Hernández León
Dr.C. Jorge Núñez Jover
Dr.C. Ernesto Estévez Rams
Dr.C. Jorge Gulín González
Dr.C. Jesus Piclin Minot
Dr.C. Francisco Andrés Cano Alonso
Dr.C. Mario González Arencibia
Dra.C. Sayda Coello González González
Dra.C. Mariluz León Ávila
Dr.C. Roberto Delgado Víctore
Dr.C. Lidia Ruiz Ortiz
Dr.C. Jorge Sergio Menéndez Pérez
Dr.C. Armando Leyva Pérez
Dr.C. Orestes Coloma Rodríguez
Dr.C. Pedro Valiente Sandó
Dr.C. Pedro Paneque Rondón
MSc. Marianella Rabell López
MSc. Geisy Hernández Cuello

Contact e-mails:,,
Telephones: 5 218 8867, 7 835 8148.