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IV International Workshop on Teaching Informatics Sciences

The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI, for its Spanish equivalent) invites professionals involved in training, research and development activities in the field of informatics, computer science and related areas to participate in the IV Workshop on Teaching of Computer Science, to be held within the IV International Scientific Conference UCIENCIA 2021.

To provide a space for the exchange of experiences, reflections and results in the field of didactics of teaching computer and related sciences.
Show the results of research in this field.

General Themes:
- Current trends in Computer science teaching and related sciences.
- Quality in Computer teaching-learning process and related sciences.
- The academic labor and research activity in the curriculum of professionals of computer and related sciences.
- Virtualization in the teaching-learning process of computer and related sciences.

Organizing Committee:
President: Natalia Martínez Sánchez, PhD
Vice President: Ailec Granda Dihigo, PhD

José Ortiz Rojas, PhD
Rosa Adela González Noguera, PhD
Dunia María Colomé Cedeño, PhD
Lidia Ortiz Ruiz, PhD

Executive secretaries:
Silvia Caridad Núñez Junco, MSc
Yordanys Piñeiro Gómez, MSc

Contacts: (53) 78372579, 78372522, 78358126