1st Workshop on the Internationalization of Higher Education

Within the context of the 5th International Convention UCIENCIA 2023, the 1st Workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education (INTER 2023) is convened. 

INTER 2023 has the objective of providing a space for the exchange of experiences, disseminate research results and promote cooperation among participating institutions, focusing on issues related to the Internationalization of Higher Education, its current trends and main challenges.


  • Internationalization of Higher Education in the current context and future perspectives.
  • Higher education in regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  • Internationalization of the curriculum, research and innovation and teacher training. 
  • International cooperation and its impact on sustainable local development. 
  • The role of ICTs in the internationalization of higher education. 
  • Academic and student mobility and virtual exchange programs.
  • The role of international and regional organizations in the development of international cooperation projects.

Scientific Committee

President: M. Sc. Delly Lien González Hernández, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba.


  • Ph.D. María Victoria Villavicencio Plasencia, Ministry of Higher Education, Cuba.
  • Ph.D. Mabelin Armenteros Amaya, Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH, for its Spanish equivalent), Cuba
  • Ph.D. Alina Montero Torres, The Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas (UCLV, for its Spanish equivalent), Cuba.
  • Ph.D. María Elena Fernández Hernández, University of Pinar del Río (UPR, for its Spanish equivalent), Cuba 
  • Ph.D. Febe Angel Ciudad Ricardo, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba
  • Ph.D. Rosa María Martínez Espinosa, University of Alicante, Spain
  • Ph.D. María del Carmen Romero Ternero, Higher Technical School of Informatics Engineering (ETSII, for its Spanish equivalent), University of Seville, Spain
  • Ph.D. Irina Shokina, Moscow State Linguistic University (UELM, for its Spanish equivalent), Russia
  • M. Sc. Beatriz Aragón Fernández, University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba


Rules for Presentation, Submission and Publication of Papers

Papers will be received through the EasyChair platform: 


Accepted papers will be published in the official reports of the Convention, under the imprint Ediciones Futuro with the corresponding ISBN registration. A selection of the papers will be proposed for publication in journals related to the themes of the Symposium. These are: 


Contact Information:

M. Sc. Delly Lien González Hernández            

President of the Workshop Scientific Committee

Email: delly@uci.cu


Eng. Daimara Martínez Borrell

Executive Secretary of the Workshop Scientific Committee

Email:  dmartinez@uci.cu