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VII International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

The University of Informatics Science (UCI) and the Cuban Association of Pattern Recognition (ACRP) invite researchers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition to participate in the VII International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition IWAIPR’2020, to be held in Havana, Cuba, from October 5th to 7th, 2020, as the IV International Scientifics Conference UCIENCIA 2021.

Workshop topics:

  • Applications of Pattern Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Pattern Recognition
  • Bioinformatics
  • Chemiometrics
  • Clustering and Applications
  • Cognitive and Humanoid Vision
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Mining
  • Databases, Knowledge Bases and Linguistic Tools for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization and Applications of Pattern Recognition
  • Deep Learning and Reinforced Learning
  • Document Processing and Recognition
  • Fuzzy and Hybrid Techniques in Pattern Recognition
  • Geometric Algebra Application in Perception Action
  • Hardware Architecture for Pattern Recognition
  • Image Coding, Processing and Analysis
  • Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Kernel Machines
  • Logical Combinatorial Pattern Recognition
  • Mathematical Morphology
  • Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing and Recognition
  • Neural Networks
  • Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  • Parallel and Distributed Pattern Recognition
  • Robotics and Humanoids
  • Remote Sensing Applications of Pattern Recognition
  • Satellite and Radar Image Processing
  • Shape and Texture Analysis
  • Signal Processing and Analysis
  • Spatial-Temporal Analysis
  • Special Hardware Architectures for Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition
  • Text Mining
  • Voice and Speech Recognition and Analysis
  • Other areas and / or applications of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Papers style guidelines and review proces

We only accepted full papers contributions in English of no more than 10 pages, including illustrations, results, tables and references, and must be presented at the workshop in English or Spanish. The papers have been write using Microsoft Office Word, Open\Libre Office Writer or Latex, and have to be formatted following LNCS style guidelines

Authors will be requested to submit their papers electronically through Springer Online Conference Services before May 10th, 2020

Papers will be evaluated based on their originality, technical content, quality and relevance of theoretical and/or practical contribution to Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. All submissions will be peer reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee. The final acceptance will be based upon double blind peer review of the full-length paper and will be unappealable.

The accepted papers will be included in the proceedings of the IWAIPR’2020, which will be published by Springer in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Organizing Committee   
Dr. Yanio Hernández Heredia
Dr.Scs José Ruiz-Shulcloper
Dr. José E. Medina Pagola
Dr. Héctor Raúl González Diez
Ing. Vladimir Milián Núñez

Dr. Yanio Hernández Heredia,
Organizing Committee President,
Dr.Scs Jose Ruiz-Shulcloper, Scientific Committee President,