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IX Taller Internacional de Lenguaje y Tecnología L@ngtech

Post-event Courses in Cooperation with the British Council (October 12 to 14, 2021)

Course 1: Teaching CEFR Level A1

Instructor: Arthur Laing (Senior Teacher Educator)

Arthur is a teacher, examiner, and teacher trainer with 18 years’ professional experience of working in a variety of ELT contexts globally. He has a degree in English Language and Literature from St. Anne’s College, Oxford University and he is a certified Cambridge CELTA trainer.

He has worked as a teacher trainer on high-volume projects in Asia, and as an IELTS Examiner, and an Examiner Trainer, leading certification training for new examiners. He served as Academic Manager of the International Training department, working as Main Course Tutor on large ICELT projects.


Course 2: Teaching CEFR Level A2

Instructor: Mike Williams (Head of Teacher Training at St Giles International Brighton (for the St Giles Educational Trust)

Twenty-eight years’ experience of training both UK and overseas teachers: CELTA trainer (over 100 courses as Main Course Tutor) in 7 different centres (1990-present);  Delta trainer for Modules 1, 2 & 3 (2010-present); Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)  -  Courses to prepare teachers for assessment in the core modules and KAL; the Trinity
Certificate for Practising Teachers (CERT PT – 2020 – present); St Giles Teachers of English Courses (TEC); (2010-present); designing and delivering many of St Giles’ customised courses for overseas teachers coming to the UK)

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