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Keynote ¨Smart Universities¨

Khasianov Airat Faridovich

Ph.D. Khasianov Airat Faridovich
Kasan Federal University

The new concept of AGILE education, in which not only students are engaged in project activities, but the learning process itself is considered as a project with a dedicated start and specific goals and deadlines for its completion, is proposed for consideration. In terms of the life cycle, organization of communications and the educational process itself, the AGILE manifesto [Beck et al., 2001] correlates with the values ​​and goals of the educational process in the best possible way.

A brief overview of the results obtained in the application of flexible methodologies in education, as well as experience of the team of authors of the proposed approach in teaching students in the field of study ‘Software Engineering’ for two years is reported. A hypothesis about the applicability of the proposed method in teaching students of ‘non-core’ (non-engineering) specialties is formulated.