The scientific event UCIENCIA has become a space of excellence for Cuban and foreign professionals linked to the field of computer and computational sciences. Four previous editions, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2021 mark the way for the fifth edition, organized by the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) from September 27 to 29, 2023.

Since 2014, these events have taken on an international character in order to consolidate the presence of the University in the world, update participants on high-impact topics in science and technology and promote cooperation between institutions linked to computer science and informatics. On April 10, 2014, the I International Scientific Conference of the University of Computer Science UCIENCIA 2014 was inaugurated, with more than thirty foreign academics participating.

In that same year, European speakers generated great expectation, presenting their experiences and research on the subject of free software, a central issue for the institution and for the technological independence of Cuba; precisely, UCIENCIA 2014 focused its discussions on the adoption of free technologies and open source.
The social impact of information and communication technologies, the applications of Artificial Intelligence and the usefulness of computer science in project management were among the topics addressed in the seven workshops organized.

The event was a successful platform for the promotion of the five trademarks registered by this educational institution, among which are the software compendiums for the fields of Health, Business-Industry, Public Administration, Education and Telematics.

The II International Scientific Conference of the University of Computer Sciences UCIENCIA 2016, took place from November 24 to 26, 2016. The event was attended by about 110 researchers and professors, including 30 foreigners from 15 countries, including Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Colombia and Cuba and 80 Cuban participants from 10 institutions.

More than 300 scientific contributions were received, of which 100 were presented and published in the event's proceedings. Topics on data science, as well as the challenges and perspectives in the training of Computer Science Engineers were discussed in depth.

A varied group of collateral activities were carried out, among them, the presentation of a special edition of the Cuban Journal of Computer Science (RCCI) on its tenth anniversary; the exhibition of computer applications developed by the UCI, which had already contributed to the process of informatization of Cuban society, and the symbolic planting of a tree that closed the activities of UCIENCIA 2016.

The III International Scientific Conference of the University of Computer Sciences UCIENCIA 2018 was a fruitful day, in which professionals from 15 countries presented the results of their research.

Nine workshops discussed topics related to cybersecurity, free software, artificial intelligence, computer project management, computational mathematics, software engineering and quality, the impact of ICT on society, computer science education and university extension.

In these meetings, experiences, reflections and knowledge are exchanged among the participants, allowing the construction of a space of analysis of great value and depth, capable of satisfying their expectations.

The event is a particularly relevant space, since, in addition to promoting scientific debate, it is an opportunity to contribute experiences and proposals related to informatics and computer science.

In the midst of the complex world epidemiological situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and through virtual platforms, the IV International Scientific Conference of the University of Computer Sciences UCIENCIA 2021 was held from October 5 to 7.

Initially thought of as a face-to-face event, due to the complex epidemiological situation of Covid-19, it was necessary to consider the idea of holding a totally virtual event, for which the Cuban Platform of Audiovisual Contents Picta, developed by the University of Informatics Sciences, was chosen. Picta took on the challenge of hosting a large, international event with multiple participation modalities.

The event was organized in 10 workshops with 371 approved papers, 20 keynote lectures, 3 expert panels and a symposium with internationally renowned professionals in English language teaching, among other activities.

There was a large national and foreign presence, with 799 professionals participating, 123 of them from abroad and from 29 countries from all continents.

The most outstanding activities included a round table on the university-government relationship in local development and a workshop on the university-industry link, which was held at the Havana Science and Technology Park. As a novel element of this event, the "My Thesis in Three Minutes" Contest was held for the first time.

With great expectations and commitment to continue putting science and innovation for the development of the country, the University of Informatics Sciences arrives at the fifth edition of its main scientific event, the V International Scientific Convention of the University of Informatics Sciences UCIENCIA 2023.

We are waiting for you!