UCIENCIA 2023 Call for aplications

The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI, for its Spanish equivalent) invites professionals linked to training, research, development and innovation activities in the field of computer sciences and others related to the development of higher education, to participate in the 5th International Scientific Convention UCIENCIA, to be held from September 27 to 29, 2023, at the Meliá Internacional Varadero Hotel, Cubawith the aim of providing a space for the exchange of experiences, disseminate research results and promote cooperation among the participating institutions.


  • 8th International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition IWAIPR 2023. Coordinator: Ph. D. Yanio Hernández Heredia (yhernandezh@uci.cu)

  • International Symposium on Digital Transformation. Coordinator: Ph.D. Yeleny Zulueta Veliz (yeleny@uci.cu)

  • 10th International Workshop on Free and Open Source Software and Emerging Technologies.

  • 10th International Project Management Workshop

  • 5th International Workshop on Software Engineering and Quality

  • 3rd International Cybersecurity Workshop

  • 1st International Workshop on Human-Computer Interface Technologies

  • International Symposium on Computational Mathematics and Bioinformatics. Coordinator: Ph.D. Jorge Gulín González (gulinj@uci.cu)

  • 5th International Workshop on Computational Mathematics 

  • 1st International Workshop on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

  • International Symposium on Professional Training. Coordinator: Ph.D Ailec Granda Dihigo (agranda@uci.cu)

  • 10th International Workshop Language and Technology L@ngtech

  • 5th International Workshop on Training in Computer Science

  • 1st International Workshop on Virtual Education and Educational Technology

  • International Symposium University and Society. Coordinator: Ph.D. Pedro L. Basulto Ramírez (basulto@uci.cu)

  • 5th International Workshop on Science and Innovation Management.

  • 4th International Workshop on University Extension

  • 1st Workshop on Internationalization of Higher Education

  • 1st International Workshop on Higher Education for the Sustainable Development Goals

  • 2nd Contest "My thesis in three minutes". Coordinator: Ph.D. Yamilis Fernandez Perez (yamilisf@uci.cu)